Chromavaders is an 80's-styled arcade puzzle shoot-em-up currently in development.


The Pre-Sequel

Believe it or not, this is actually a sequel to a game Jesse made in college. That game was called Invasodado. Even at the time, it was highly polished, featuring online high scores, multiple game modes, and fast-paced gameplay. Chromavaders is a sequel that aims to be better, more authentic, and more complete.


  • Authentic 1980's-styled graphics and sounds
  • Unique blend of two frantic genres
  • Play alone, with the CPU, or with a friend
  • Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web browsers


Chromavaders: Arcade Action for All!YouTube

Development Trailer 2YouTube

Development Trailer 1YouTube



Selected Articles

  • That was awesome! Thank you for sharing this with all of us today! 5/5 10/10, would play again! 😎 👍
    Alexander Trapp, Tweet
  • Gaming brethren! During #PlayNYC , my friends and I came across Chromavaders, a game made by @CorundumGames. It's a very enjoyable puzzle/space shooter hybrid game. I encourage everyone to check it out and support its development.
    GameDude2, Tweet
  • I had a lot of fun playing ChromaVaders at Play NYC 2019...
    Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor
  • It is a great competitive couch game that will challenge your mind. It has a classic art style that I enjoy as a veteran gamer.
    Beast Gamer Kuma, BeastGamerKuma
  • ...This game is perfect for the Switch, it really is...[Mike] is just back there [playing the game] and has completely forgotten we even existed because this game is that awesome.
    Cadma, Bitten Apple TV
  • What I want to see become the new Tetris Friends.
    Max Thind, Greystone Games
  • Chromavaders is, like, one of the new best games out there...
    JaScorper, Twitch Stream
  • ...this game is fantastic. It is a lot of fun...definitely, definitely recommend.
    Grape Goose, Twitch Stream
Development Announcement
The devlog post announcing Chromavaders

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